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 Online in 3 steps 
 The easiest way to connect your device 
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Easy connection of devices in just 3 steps

Complex configuration was a thing of the past.
With SIMPLY.connect we enable an intuitive integration of new devices* into the Remote Service Portal mbCONNECT24. And all this in only 3 steps. Sounds good? What are you waiting for? Try it out now.

*Applies to all new mbNET models with WAN interface from 12/2019

  • Step 1: Login

    Log in at https://simply-connect.me with your mbCONNECT24 access data or create a new user account.

  • Step 2: Scan

    Simply scan the QR code on the enclosed card to bring your new device online. No scanner at hand? No problem - The device can also be manually activated by entering the serial number.

  • Step 3: Done

    Just assign a device name and your router is available in the portal.

Why Simply.Connect

Going online has never been so easy.

Online in only 3 steps



When is my device compatible?

Once you have this logo on your label, your device is SIMPLY.connect compatible.
The following devices can be configured with SIMPLY.connect:

Type Name
mbNET MDH 810
mbNET MDH 811
mbNET MDH 814
mbNET MDH 816
mbNET MDH 830
mbNET MDH 831
mbNET MDH 834
mbNET.easy MDH 835
mbNET MDH 841
mbNET MDH 849
Type Name
mbNET MDH 850 AT&T
mbNET MDH 850 EU
mbNET MDH 855 AT&T
mbNET MDH 855 EU
mbNET MDH 859 AT&T
mbNET MDH 859 EU
mbNET.rokey RKH 2010
mbNET.rokey RKH 2016
mbNET.rokey RKH 235
mbNET.rokey RKH 259 EU
mbNET.rokey RKH 259 AT & T

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